Webinar: Medication adherence and smart devices for clinical trials by Ypsomed, Philips, and AWS

Poor medication adherence is a multi-billion dollar problem.

Ypsomed, a leader in the development and manufacturing of injection and infusion systems, sought to create a digital solution for medication adherence monitoring and smart device management for clinical trials.

This webinar relates how Ypsomed solved this challenge by adopting Philips’ HealthSuite digital platform (HSDP), a cloud platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Title: Medication Adherence and Smart Devices for Clinical Trials by Ypsomed, Philips & AWS

Philips HSDP allows you to:

  • Connect devices to the cloud and manage them remotely
  • Ingest and store clinical and patient-reported data
  • Manage and scale services globally within healthcare regulatory requirements