About HSP

At Philips we strive to help make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our HealthSuite Platform fosters open and collaborative innovation focused on developing breakthrough health, wellness and life science solutions that will transform the way care is delivered. By connecting devices, unlocking data and fostering collaboration we will empower new forms of engagement, actionable insights and better health outcomes.

2net platform

The 2net Platform provides seamless end-to-end connectivity for a growing, open ecosystem of medical-grade devices, apps and wearables. It’s making it possible to manage an increasingly complex population of patients in the home, including the millions of Americans with chronic disease. By leveraging these flexible solutions, health systems and payors can integrate devices and wearables into their care pathways and programs, improving quality of life while creating opportunities to streamline costs and improve outcomes.

Security & privacy

Our focus on security and privacy sets HSDP apart from other platforms. We protect the integrity of platform instances deployed globally and maintain our infrastructure, capabilities, and services.

HSDP is:

  • Compliant with HIPAA and other healthcare data privacy laws
  • Based on ISO 27001, 27002, and 27018 standards
  • Monitored by a dedicated security and risk management team
  • Audited for regulatory compliance by independent, accredited third parties




Framework to ingest and manage data, execute ETLs and analytics applications, and visualize results. Hosts HealthSuite Insights that offers analytics asset creation, deployment, and support. View datasheet.



Secure Identity and Access Management with a unified view into security policy. Authorizes consent and ensures data privacy. View datasheet.



Manage, update, monitor, and collect data from smart devices through secure and scalable IoT services. View datasheet.



Core services for cloud-native development and managed infrastructure to deploy and continuously monitor application performance and systems health status. View datasheet.



Standards-based interoperability between enabled apps and devices with third-party systems via FHIR, HL7, and IHE profiles. View datasheet.



Acquire, manage, and archive consumer and clinical data from applications and devices through secure, cloud-hosted repositories. View datasheet.